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Commonly Asked Questions

Here you can find answers to the most commonly asked questions about the Made in Saudi program.

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Made in Saudi (MiS) is a National Industrial Development and Logistics Program (NIDLP) initiative led by Saudi Exports that aims to support local businesses grow, by encouraging local consumers to buy more locally made products, and by supporting businesses to increase their exports to priority markets. Under one unified brand, the Made in Saudi program will bring significant opportunities for businesses to expand their reach and promote their products domestically and globally.
Through the program’s online platform, members collaborate, find practical support and access important government assistance and incentives.

The Made in Saudi program currently focuses on attracting companies from the following non-oil sectors:

  1. Chemicals & Polymers
  2. Building Materials
  3. Electronics, Electrical devices and Equipment
  4. Infrastructure & Heavy Equipment
  5. Automobiles & Transport
  6. Textiles
  7. Paper & Wood
  8. Packaging
  9. Precious Metals & Jewelry
  10. Minerals & Glass
  11. Non-food Consumer Goods
  12. Processed Food and Beverages
  13. Pharmaceuticals & Medical Supplies
  14. Fresh Foods & Products
  15. Handicrafts
  16. Furniture

The Made in Saudi program is designed to help local industries and content grow. Members are therefore expected and encouraged to prioritize use of local talent, materials and suppliers. All members must meet eligibility criteria before approval, which sets a threshold for what qualifies as Saudi Made products.

Once approved, Made in Saudi program members will receive an email confirming their membership activation, and have access to a welcome pack and official Saudi Made logo with instructions for its use as part of their corporate communications and collaterals. The logo however can only be used on products if they have been registered with the Made in Saudi program.

In order to remain part of the program, Made in Saudi program members must renew their participation each year by submitting updated documentation.

No, the Made in Saudi program is free to join.

Once your application is approved, you will receive an email containing the logo as well as guidelines on how they can be used.

The Saudi Made logo is not related to the Saudi Quality Mark. The two are not interchangeable.

The logo can be used in two ways. First, for those businesses that join the community, members will be entitled to use the Saudi Made logo in their corporate communications and collaterals.

Second, for those businesses that register products, members will be entitled to apply the logo to their product.

A product must have an added value of no less than 40% to be approved as Saudi Made, or its main components must be obtained entirely from within the Kingdom.

If the product or service does not meet the minimum threshold for added value, and its main components are imported from abroad, the value of imported materials must not exceed 60% of the final value of the product.

Currently, the Made in Saudi program is accepting applications from 14 non-services sectors. Once the program allows businesses in the services sector to join, relevant information will be provided.

Products that do not fall under the jurisdiction of a government entity require proof of commercial registration of the company, and any relevant licenses or certificates (as applicable).

There are many benefits the program provides its members.

The Made in Saudi program is a community that opens up exciting opportunities for collaboration. Use of the Saudi Made logo enhances product visibility and appeal with consumers.

Being part of the Made in Saudi programs means taking part in the Kingdom’s transformation towards Saudi Vision 2030. Made in Saudi is forging a stronger, more diverse future for the national economy – supporting non-oil industries, boosting the private sector and promoting our very best businesses here and around the world.

Examples of benefits offered by the program:

  1. Feature in Made in Saudi campaigns
  2. Authorized use of Saudi Made logo in corporate communications and on products, if eligible
  3. Connect through the program with government entities
  4. Knowledge sharing sessions
  5. Business community networking events
  6. Listing in the directory of companies
  7. Overview of government incentives on the Made in Saudi platform
  8. Quality workshops
  9. Local content workshops

Yes, all members have access to program benefits. However, the right to use the logo on products is available only to those companies that register their products with the program.

Indirectly. The Made in Saudi program connects partners from private and government sectors, facilitating access to financing opportunities for members in the industrial and exports space.

The entity can send a letter of intent to MiS partnerships team to initiate the conversation