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A range of benefits to help your business grow

Promotion, collaboration, industry events, and support services are just some of the ways businesses can benefit from the Made in Saudi program.

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Government incentives

There are a number of benefits and incentives government entities provide that will benefit Made in Saudi program members depending on their specific situation. Details can be found by accessing the website of the given entities.


Apply for credit through the Agriculture Development Fund (ADF).


Initiatives promoting local content and listing companies for government procurement contracts.


Funding opportunities and initiatives supporting entrepreneurship, innovation in business and growth targeting SMEs.


Benefit from various programs such as Afaq, Tanafusiya, Tawteen and Mutajadeda, and gain access to a full suite of funding products tailored for manufacturing and industry.

Saudi Customs

Participate in information sessions and obtain guidance to participate in the Authorized Economic Operator program offering customs fast-track across KSA, UAE and Bahrain.


Participate in Halal training and certification initiatives through their online registration platform.


Participate in info sessions targeting date growing and applicable quality standards through their online platform.


Participate in a product safety initiative through their online registration platform.

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