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This is a brandmark that conveys:

  • Quality and excellence
  • Authenticity of identity and heritage
  • Sustainability for the future
  • A focus on striving for innovation

The SAUDI MADE logo is the emblem of Made in Saudi program. It reflects the brand essence “Possibilities”. It represents the Kingdom’s heritage, prosperity, and growth towards providing high quality products and services locally and globally. The visual takes inspiration from the palm tree which represents prosperity and giving – attributes Saudi Arabia has long been embracing as a global economic power. The palm shape is meagered with an arrow pointing to the top which resonates to the Kingdom ambitious plans for growth and development


A Logo Rich in Meaning

At first glance, the Saudi Made logo appears simple – a silhouette familiar to many. But look a little closer for a deeper understanding. Like a star, the palm leaves represent hope and prosperity. Saudi Arabia is a land blessed with abundant resources, part of its rich heritage and a brighter future to come.

The trunk, like an arrow, points forward, capturing a country in motion, driven forward by its proud and motivated citizens and residents.

Together they form a memorable and striking signature for a business community bursting with potential. 



The Saudi Made logo captures the spirit of the program by showcasing design talent from within the Kingdom.

Many of our country’s brightest artistic talents took part in multiple collaborative bootcamps hosted by Saudi Export Development Authority and the Ministry of Culture to create a memorable logo that expresses the program's aspirations.

The objective was to create a memorable logo for the program that will be relevant and recognizable across the globe.

Mentored by seasoned industry creatives, their designs were scrutinized by an expert judging panel before three final designs were presented to His Royal Highness Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz, Crown Prince, who selected the logo seen today. 

How to Use the Logo Properly

Use of the Saudi Made logo is authorized for all companies that meet program criteria. It comes in two versions – vertical or horizontal.

To protect the label’s integrity:

  • It must be displayed in its approved dimensions and colors
  • It cannot be modified or combined with other symbols
  • It cannot be distorted or rotated

Brand usage guidelines will be shared with members upon their registration to the program with extensive details on how to use the logo properly and effectively.

The Logo's Added Value For Products

Products that carry the Saudi Made logo will benefit from multiple perspectives.


Products that carry the logo will be easily recognized in the marketplace by consumers.


Products that carry the logo will be highly trusted by consumers of being of high quality.


Products that carry the logo will be the consumers' preferred choice.

How To Get Started?

How do I get started?

Step 1: Check eligibility

Check if the business is eligible by completing a brief questionnaire.

Check eligibility

Step 2: Register The Business

Complete the registration form on the program website.

Register company

Step 3: Register your products

Once you have registered your company, you can register products through a registration form on the dashboard.

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